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Moving Transnationally

By Manya Deva Natan

International estates require an even greater degree of care and due diligence than their domestic counterparts. Read

The Immigration Act 2015

By Woye Famojuro

The Immigration Act 2015 seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Nigeria Immigration Service. Read

The Negotiating Dilemma

By Charles B. Parselle

Life poses dilemma for all living creatures. It is the same dilemma for everyone involved in a dispute. Read


Tips for Mediators

By Martin Plowman

The ten tip top tips for mediators.

Pilotless Drone Arrest

By James Crawford

An arrest raises 4th Amendment questions.

Qualities of a Mediator

By Charles B. Parselle

On the seven qualities of a mediator.

Limits on Competition

By Santiago Nadal

Contractual limits on competition in Spain.

A Tortuous Journey

By Michael Zurbrugg

ECJ decision in the case of Homawoo v GMF.

The Cork Air Crash

By Jim Morris

Co-Pilot's loved ones commence proceedings.

The Crime of Aggression

By Kurt R. Willems

The road to criminalizing aggression has been bumpy.